What Can Hedgehogs Eat - Safe Hedgehog Food List

We list here some safe foods for pet hedgehogs, although you will find differing opinions, for example in America pet hedgehogs have eaten raisins for years but in the UK people prefer not to give them raisins, myself included.

Main diet should be cat based food, with 30% protein and 10% Fat, this is a rough guide as all foods are different and some will have a bit more and some a bit less. The main ingredient should be chicken, beef, lamb or turkey, but not cat food with the first ingredients as fish.  Dont confuse this with those cat foods that have fish oils in this is fine, I havent found any evidence on the fish debate apart from smelly poop and possibly upset tummies.  Aside from that there is plenty of choice of cat foods without needing to take the risk with fish.


We find Hills chicken Light a very good food and also royal canin, I have hedgehogs over 5 years old so must be doing something right with their diet. I also add extra vitamins Taurine is very important for hedgehogs and is in many cat foods, but I use either hedgehog booster vitamin or vionate which is very good for many pets including hedgehogs.

They can also eat a variety in fact I offer all mine a huge variety as I feel it would be mean to just give them cat food.

Included in our safe list is green and red bell peppers (mine all love these) I use dried and fresh, carrots, peas, sweet corn (another firm favourite).  Included in our safe fruits list is banana,  melon, mango, apple, papaya, pears, strawberries and raspberries. I use a lot of tinned insect products as they retain their nutritional value and provide variety without going off. 




Beef (can also use beef mince cooked)





Green Beans



Red Bell Pepper

Green Bell Pepper

Green Peas









Insects Live or Dried (none from the garden)



Silkworm Pupae

Waxworms (High In Fat Not too many)

Can O' Caterpillers

Can O' Crickets

Can O' Mealworms


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