African Pygmy Hedgehogs For Sale

 Baby African Pygmy Hedgehogs for sale  READY NOW - £150 each, please call 07812 152464 if you would like to buy/reserve one. 


We can now offer safe nationwide delivery for those that are unable to get to us or can't drive or live miles away, for more info please click here


Please note that african pygmy hedgehogs listed on this page are for pet homes, if you are interested in breeding please let us know so we can recommend one of our hedgehogs specifically that we feel would be suited to breed from, we also have unrelated boys available.


We have some adorable babies ready and some coming up see below for pics


For experienced owners who would like to rehome older or unwanted hogs please go to this page







Male Hedgehog For Sale (Available)




African Pygmy Hedgehogs
Tel: 07812 152464






Male Hedgehog For Sale (SOLD)


African Pygmy Hedgehogs
Tel: 07812 152464







Please ensure you have done your research, while pygmy hedgehogs are pets they are not what I would call a cuddly pet, ie like a dog/cat/rabbit, they are naturally shy animals and need time to build a bond with you.  They can also be quite independant and happy to be on their own a lot of the time, this can sometimes make them a more suitable pet for those that dont have much time on their hands and cant get a cat or dog etc.  Especially if they want the reassurance that hedgehogs will be happy if left alone sometimes.  A hedgehog is for life and will provide you with may years of happiness as long as his/her needs are understood.

 All our Baby Hedgehogs come with, a carrier (cardboard carrier for hogs that are being delivered as they have more room), blue or pink fleece, a toy, food mix, birth certificate, indepth care sheets, an 8 hour disposable heat pack if needed and 30 days free health insurance, see picture to the right colours and styles may vary.

Any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us 07812 152464 or


Deposits are £50 we cannot hold a hedgehog without a deposit, due to being let down in the past. Deposits are non-refundable and will be deducted from the final price of the hedgehog. We do ask that reserved pet hedgehogs are collected within 7 days of becoming ready.


We are located in the South East Of England, Heathfield, Postcode Area TN21






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